What is the KE Training Experience?

The 15 Day Training Experience will introduce you to everything we do at Kutting Edge. Our program incudes a complete nutrition plan, fat-torching workouts, and support that empowers you to be successful. You'll lose weight, eqip yourself with the knowledge to make healthy choices, make new friends and carve out quality me time and you'll love every minute.

Benefits of the program:
Nutrition Plan We will show you our easy to follow nutrition plan so you can easily reach your goals.
Semi Private Training You will get 6 semi private training sessions with our awesome Coaches. These workouts are customized and geared to work on your weak areas, increase strength and provide you with a workout specifically for your goals.
Unlimited access to our Group Fitness Classes To supplement your semi private sessions you will have unlimited acces to our group fitness classes that are geared to maximizing your fat burning!